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How do I claim a meerkat toy?
How do I claim a meerkat toy?

To claim your meerkat toy, simply log into "Your account", click on "Your rewards", and enter your claim details.

Please allow 48 hours after purchasing your qualifying product before attempting to claim.

Meerkat toys must be claimed using the same email address used to purchase and within 60 days of the date you purchased your qualifying product.

Meerkat toys are available to claim on qualifying purchases made up until 23:59 on 11th May 2018 when our chief toy maker, Yakov, will be taking a well-deserved break.

Customers purchasing a qualifying product after 00:00 on 12 May 2018 will not be eligible to claim a meerkat toy but will be eligible to claim Meerkat Movies or extend their existing Meerkat Movies Membership.

Don’t worry, if you have purchased before 23:59 on 11th May 2018, you still have 60 days to claim your toy.

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